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Bryan Weaver


Bryan Weaver


Engineering & Business

Bryan graduated from University of Florida Industrial and Systems Engineering program in 1985. His first position after graduation was as a sales and project engineer for Layne-Western, one of the largest industrial water suppliers in the country. He was introduced to the business of construction, engineering and business development during these years.

Prior to earning his BS in engineering, Bryan graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing. It was not until years later that the marketing background really became valuable as North American Business Development manager, for Hirata Engineering, a large Japanese international automation company. It is often difficult to separate the business aspect from the engineering roles, as many of the positions overlapped.

While working for Hirata, Bryan became well schooled in international business, international construction and worked extensively in maquiladoras serving companies such as Sony, Philips, Matsushita, Thomson, JVC and many others.


Representative construction experience

Detroit Metro Airport-NWA baggage handling improvements. Project manager for new terminal installation, contracted with Whiting-Turner/Taft Contracting joint effort. $2M

Kraft Foods, Buena Park, CA. Facility shut-down, bakery machinery dismantling,

relocating to Chicago. Project manger for Taft Contracting (Chicago). $2M

Disneyland Theme Park- Buzz Lightyear AstroBlasters Ride. Project manager Taft Contracting for ride equipment installation $1.5M under Whiting-Turner.

O’Hare Airport United Airlines Baggage Handling system upgrade. Refit and new installation of baggage handling system. Project manager for Taft Contracting $4M phase 1 of $25M project.

Sony Electronics, projection TV assembly system

(Pittsburgh, PA) Project manager for Hirata Engineering, new automated final assembly system. $1.5M

Hitachi Factory Relocation. (Greenville, SC) Dismantle fully operational CRT manufacturing facility and ship to China. Project manager for Hirata Engineering. $40M of $200M project.

Thomson Consumer Electronics- (Mexicali), Ground up construction of new manufacturing facility, Project manager for Hirata, new automation system install, relocated existing factory to location. $50M of $500M project.

Philips Electronics-Final assembly robotic system (Juarez). Install new state of the art robotic assembly line for TV final assembly. Project manager for Hirata Engineering. $2.5M

RCA Electronics-Soldering robotics(Juarez). Install into existing system, robotic soldering systems for CRT circuit boards. Project Manager for Hirata Engineering. $55k.

JVC-(Tijuana)- Replace TV final assembly line. Project manager for Hirata Engineering. $90k.

THOMSON Consumer Electronics-(Marion Indiana) Shutdown and upgrade. Project manager for Hirata Engineering, upgrade existing equipment, modify and retool for new products. $500k

Other Construction: Drilling projects ranging from $10k to $200k (in late '80s values). Refinery equipment installations, wastewater treatment plant equipment installations.

Military Experience

SF flash Airborne jump wings

In 1987 Bryan joined the Colorado National Guard and served in the Army Special Forces, 5/19th Special Forces Group-Colorado, as a special operations intelligence analyst and communications specialist for A-team support. Airborne qualified, a Leapfest competitor (billed as the world's largest international military parachuting competition). Qualified expert with M-16 and other weapons. Advanced International Morse Code qualified. Received recognition for outstanding achievement from every leadership or MOS schools attended.

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